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The most advanced phone system available today. Future-proof architecture for tomorrow.

TeleVantage is the feature-rich, software-based phone system that combines the power of your desktop computer with the most advanced communications technology available today. Built on an open-systems architecture, TeleVantage provides more value for your money than any other phone system, while safeguarding your investment for the future.

TeleVantage 5.0: Feature for feature, no other phone system provides more value for the money
TeleVantage is a feature-rich software-based phone system delivering greater flexibility, value and lower cost of ownership to a variety of customers, from small offices to large enterprise organizations with sophisticated call centers. TeleVantage operates on Microsoft Windows 2000/NT servers, industry-standard Intel voice-processing hardware, and any H.323, ADSI, IP or CLASS feature phone. Scaling easily up to 192 trunks by 480 extensions, TeleVantage provides intelligent call management, ACD, graphical interface, IP telephony, Web browser capability, and messaging. An intelligent, Windows-based interface provides complete call and message control from your PC desktop. Conference calls, forward, transfer or screen your calls with the click of a button.

TeleVantage Call Center: Powerful, Feature-Rich and Priced Right
TeleVantage Call Center enables businesses to implement powerful, affordable call centers to drive revenues and deliver superior customer service. TeleVantage Center offers a sophisticated feature set, including IP telephony to enable Web-based call centers and support agents working remotely; Voice-over-IP toll bypass to reduce costs; intelligent call management, queuing, and agent training features; and comprehensive trend analysis reporting and real-time statistic monitoring.

TeleVantage Small Office Edition: Affordable Turnkey Solution for Small Businesses
TeleVantage Small Office Edition is a turnkey bundled solution that enables small businesses to gain access to a sophisticated telephone system at an affordable price. Targeted for businesses with up to eight employees, TeleVantage Small Office Edition delivers a flexible feature set and a standards-based architecture that can easily expand and upgrade, providing small office owners with a solid return on their investment. The TeleVantage Small Office Edition comes fully equipped to support up to four telephone lines and eight handsets and includes award-winning TeleVantage 5.0 software that delivers full voice mail, multi-level auto attendant, call forwarding and graphical administration; eight full-featured LCD handsets pre-programmed with softkey access to TeleVantage features; standard Intel Dialogic voice processing hardware that supports four analog trunks and eight handsets; and standard industrial communications server running Microsoft Windows 2000. This offering enables small businesses to reap the competitive advantages and strategic benefits associated with an advanced business communication solution.

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