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Add On Solutions

Now you can easily extend the functionality of your TeleVantage phone system. Artisoft TeleVantage Add-On Solutions are easy-to-implement, off-the-shelf applications designed to meet the unique requirements of call centers, marketing and sales organizations, and customer support offices. TeleVantage Add-On Solutions include:

TeleVantage Conference Manager
This application eliminates the need for expensive 3rd party conference services by allowing businesses to automatically run conference calls containing up to 60 parties in one or more virtual conference rooms. Callers to an extension are automatically welcomed and added to the conference of their choice. And TeleVantage Conference Manager can automatically place invitation calls to a list of people and add them to the conference. Virtual conference rooms let you conduct multiple conference calls simultaneously.

TeleVantage Call Center Scoreboard
This application gives call center managers the tools they need to track queue and agent productivity from their PC, phone, or wallboard. There are over 35 powerful new statistics in addition to the built-in statistics of TeleVantage Call Center. TeleVantage Call Center Scoreboard can show the state of agent activity, display custom on-screen windows to monitor specific call center statistics, and connect with a physical wallboard to make real-time call center statistics publicly visible. Alarms can be triggered when agent or queue statistics exceed custom thresholds. Alarms can be configured to send voice mails, emails, play custom sounds, change the color of individual statistics, or even send pages.

TeleVantage Call Classifier
This application lets businesses identify callers, look up additional caller data in any database, intelligently route calls, and present call center agents with scripts and related caller information before they answer the phone. TeleVantage Call Classifier improves call center agent productivity by displaying web pages with caller or account details.

TeleVantage Smart Dialer
This application provides automated outbound dialing for call center agents. It is designed to retrieve phone numbers from a customer database and place calls during specified hours of the day. Customer data is pulled directly from an in-house database, such as FrontRange's Goldmine, and a screen pop on the agent's PC will appear for each call that is placed, allowing the agent to greet the caller appropriately.

TeleVantage Persistent Pager
This application notifies users to retrieve important voicemail messages in a timely manner. The system sends pages to a list of users, in the order specified, and continues to send pages until the voicemail message has been accessed. Persistent Pager includes an easy-to-use administrator utility to help system administrators define which mailboxes TeleVantage should monitor and which users to page, where to reach them, and a scheduling option.