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Artisoft - TeleVantage Small Office Edition     

TeleVantage 6.0

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TeleVantage Small Office Edition

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A complete turnkey phone system for small businesses.

TeleVantage Small Office Edition bundles a comprehensive software PBX with industry- hardware and full featured telephones for the most cost-effective,standard feature-rich offering available today.

Priced starting at $3,995 MSRP, this offering enables small businesses to reap the strategic benefits associated with an advanced business communication solution.

TeleVantage Small Office Edition package bundles:

  • TeleVantage 5.0 software that delivers full voice mail, multi-level auto attendant, call forwarding, and graphical administration for eight users. The system can be upgraded with add-on software modules to support graphical call control through desktop PCs or meet the needs of advanced call centers.
  • Eight full-featured phones pre-programmed with soft key access to TeleVantage features including transfer, park, conference, access to voicemail and more. The phones also have an LCD screen, which display call information such as CallerID and helpful menus customized for TeleVantage, as well as a message waiting lamp. TeleVantage Small Office Edition also supports full-duplex speaker phones, cordless phones, and headsets.
  • Standard Intel® Dialogic voice processing hardware that supports four analog trunks and eight handsets. The system can be expanded as needed to support larger configurations up to 480 handsets and 192 trunks including analog, T1, E1, ISDN PRI, BRI, and VoIP trunks.
  • Standard industrial communications server running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

Perpetuating the ease of use, flexibility, reliability and robust feature set of TeleVantage, this new offering has an upgrade path available that protects your investment: add trunks, stations, and advanced features with software licenses, maintaining existing PC and telephony hardware and phones. TeleVantage Small Office Edition can easily be expanded to accommodate business growth. Built on open-systems architecture, TeleVantage provides greater value while safeguarding a business' investment for the future.