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Flexible, powerful call center software designed to build revenue and enhance customer service.

Whether your agents are taking orders or helping customers, your call center's performance is critical to your reputation and is often the most important factor in achieving your growth and profitability goals. The TeleVantage Call Center gives management the software technology tools they need to make agents more productive and callers more satisfied.

Connect callers quickly to the right agent
Sophisticated and flexible routing helps callers reach the queue and quickly connect to the right agent for the job. You can make a queue accessible by an extension, DID, auto attendant, or dial-by-name directory. Even send callers to a queue in another branch office or city using the built-in IP Gateway support.

Once calls reach the queue, you have full control over how they're distributed to agents. Send calls to the agent who has handled the fewest calls, the agent who has been idle the longest, the agent with the shortest talk time, or your best agents first. Other options include ringing all agents' phones simultaneously and round robin. Give important callers higher priority so that they move closer to the head of the queue and reach an agent sooner.

Enhance the on-hold experience
Successful call center management know that customers start to form opinions about the quality of the company before they even speak to an agent. With the TeleVantage Call Center, you can delight your customers by playing personalized prompts to identified VIPs or those who enter a customer number. Flexible prompts can change over time as callers wait, relating how many calls are ahead of them in the queue, what the estimated wait time is, or any other custom message you record.

Coach and Monitor Agents for Best Results
TeleVantage Call Center has the flexibility to let you give each agent the guidance he or she needs. Supervisors can observe multiple stations and optimize agents' time and availability in real time, and silently monitor calls for training and quality assurance purposes. Any manager may also act as a "silent partner" to coach a new agent by staying on the phone with the agent but remaining inaudible to the caller. When required, the manager can join the call and assist the agent by talking to the customer directly. When you are not available for real-time monitoring, you can easily record calls for particular agents or queues for later analysis. Group agents by skill set and establish overflow agents to assist with particularly busy periods for a specific queue. Employee satisfaction and retention go up when entry-level workers don't get in over their heads and expert agents are challenged, not bored. Assign calls by degree of difficulty, so that only experienced agents get complicated calls. Wrap-up time between calls and agent permissions can be set for each queue or by agent to accommodate each agent's level of expertise.

Spot Trends in Queue and Agent Performance
Successfully managing a call center involves continual data analysis to determine caller and agent trends and make adjustments. The TeleVantage Call Center Reporter leverages Microsoft Excel to give managers over a dozen intuitive report-generating tools without the hassle of having to import or export information, manipulate or roll up data, or manually create charts. Point and click to run reports on individual agents, queues, inbound calls, outbound calls, wait times, talk times, call volumes, and many other facets of your call center performance.

Single-point access to create and manage queues
The TeleVantage Administrator provides a single unified interface to manage all aspects of call center queues. Point and click to add and delete agents, set up and change supervisor permissions, record hold prompts, change queue routing, manage the queue's voice mail, take the queue offline, and more. You can manage agents efficiently by changing permissions for groups of agents at once, or set permissions and settings such as wrap-up time for individual agents as needed.

Integrate with Other Software
TeleVantage Call Center makes integration of the call center data with other corporate technology systems easy and inexpensive. TeleVantage Call Center works with CRM applications to enable point-and-click dialing and screen-pops that work with contact databases. With the TeleVantage Call Center, agents receive queue calls and easily see past transactions conversations so they are better prepared for calls and can handle them appropriately.