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Email Managment Features     

Our Email System has a full set of features that are extremely easy to use as well as very powerful.

Easily integrate existing subscriber lists into our software
  • Import lists from applications like Act, Excel and Outlook
  • Synchronize your lists with other databases
  • Clean your list of duplicate email addresses
  • Embed subscribe forms in your website
  • Link to customizable subscribe pages

Store multiple lists with distinct settings
  • Store an unlimited number of lists in your account
  • Change outbound list names and email addresses for each list
  • Customize separate subscribe pages and automated messages for each list
  • Modify message footers with your own text, links and styles

Manage lists efficiently with a full set of tools
  • Store additional fields such as names or zip codes with each list
  • Search lists on email address, date added or any additional fields
  • Move or copy subscribers in between lists
  • Clean lists of undeliverable or inactive email addresses in just one step
  • Easily download everything into applications like Excel

Protect yourself from sending unsolicited email
  • Automatically send customizable opt-in or opt-out messages to all new subscribers
  • Include an unsubscribe link in every message
  • Store unsubscribe requests to prevent accidental re-subscription

Choose to send text, HTML or both
  • Create and send text or HTML messages within your account
  • Send any webpage that is published anywhere on the web
  • Easily create alternative text messages for subscribers with a text preference
  • Simultaneously send text and HTML messages with multi-part messaging

Create personalized, professional messages
  • Design your own templates to easily send consistently professional mailings
  • Personalize messages using any of the subscriber's fields
  • Easily insert images, links and formatted text with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Include 'Forward to a Friend' links in all your mailings

Send messages with confidence and ease
  • No HTML or programming experience needed
  • Log-in to your account from anywhere with any web browser
  • Save drafts of your messages to update or send later
  • Preview messages in your inbox before sending to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Schedule messages to go out immediately or in the future

Send surveys and web forms
  • Build a survey with the Survey Builder or use any web form
  • Automatically gather and tabulate responses
  • Download results into Microsoft Excel

Segment your list to send highly targeted mailings
  • Segment lists based on demographic and geographic information
  • Send future mailings based on previous form responses and click-throughs
  • Create complex queries with a series of ANDs, ORs and NOTs

Take advantage of our friendly and professional team
  • Phone support, email support and online help quickly and easily
  • Dedicated relations and whitelist status with ISPs like AOL, Yahoo and Juno
  • Secure and encrypted data with a 128-bit SSL technology
  • Robust API allows easy integration with other software applications