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We use the latest technologies in remote networking, security, and terminal services. We build your systems on a custom level depending on your needs and requirments.

Wyse Thin Clients

Wyse thin client desktops are appliance-like devices that access server-based Windows applications. They offer excellent performance at a low price. In server-based Windows computing, you normally run multi-user Windows on a centrally managed server and use Citrix protocol to remotely display on a user's desktop what is running on the server. Any application you want to run, from payroll to a browser, runs on the server.

Thin clients have a basic web browser built right into them, so they run web applications without placing an extra burden on your servers. In addition, thin clients support Citrix NFuse and legacy dumb terminal emulation. Access simple intranet HTML pages and as a great transitional replacement for green-screen terminals.

Thin clients provide the latest, greatest and richest general Internet Web browsing. And because they are based on operating systems like Microsoft Windows NT Embedded, XP Embedded and Linux, they also can run applications locally (which means right on the client, instead of on the server). Why run an application on a thin client? There are three reasons: 1.) Some applications just don't behave in a Terminal Services environment, 2.) For a fault-tolerant network, such as a retail terminal that can still ring-up sales even if the WAN goes down, and 3.) Some applications, such as graphically intensive ones, have special needs for performance or perhaps a second video card. Access complex web pages that need a full Internet Explorer browser, with multimedia plug-in support; custom applications such as bar-code scanner software burned into Flash memory and running locally (like a solid-state PC); and for access to a broad range of drivers and peripherals.

We also use the latest and fastest networking and security equipment.